Are you suffering from severe hair loss?

Have you been diagnosed with mature hairline?

Do you suffer from a receding hairline?

Do you want more hair on your head top?

Would you like a full head of hair again?

If you live near one of the consultation places (London, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff)
where we offer free hair status assessment you are in for a wonderful hair journey!
Our hair clinic offers the latest FUE-2 SafeSystem hair transplant method - a minimally invasive hair loss surgery that brings you the results you are dreaming of.
Your wildest dreams can become true if you choose the right hair clinic.

Get back the original density of your hair with us in just 1-2 days. All it takes a hair transplant surgery in Budapest, Hungary.
Things to consider before you become more interested:

hair transplants cost less than half the UK price (you can save 50-60%)

FUE surgery takes 1-2 days depending on your needs

Budapest is about 3 hours' flight from a UK airport (low cost budget airlines available)

accommodation, transfers are included in the hair transplant package

only licensed hair surgeons (doctors) are allowed to perform surgeries in Hungary (EU laws apply and strictly controlled)

no hidden fees of any sort

a written guarantee is provided at the end of the process

free consultation is offered in 7 cities (London, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Cardiff)

About the FUE method

FUE is affordable if done abroad (Hungary is cheaper than UK due to saleries and high competition of hair clinics)

FUE is scar-free, non-invasive hair restoration method.

FUE-2 is more sophisticated than the original FUE and provides even better results

Why Budapest, Hungary?

Hungary is member of the EU

Budapest has been the dental capital of Europe (medical tourism has tradition)

Budapest is within easy reach by flights (Wizzair, Easyjet, Ryanair)

Budapest is one of the safest cities in the world

Budapest has a huge cultural heritage

Hungarian hair clinics work with specialised hair surgeons

In 2018 there is a growing need for hair transplants. Famous people (Rooney, Nesbitt) have acknowledged they have undergone some hair loss surgery.
The new FUE-2 technology makes it possible to get thicker hair, lowered hairline and a better look thus an improved self-esteem.
And what tops all of this is the fact that you do not need spend more than Ł4000 for a two day long surgery.
You will get high quality treatment and after care services at our hair clinic in Budapest.

Hair transplant in Budapest, Hungary?

If you need more convincing information feel free to visit our website and check out 3rd party reviews (Trust Pilot)
or check out the results (before and after images) as well as watch video testimonials sent in
by our previous patients that took the brave and well informed decision and came to Hungary to get their new look!



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